Ultimate Spider-Man is Dead, Long Live Spider-Man (Trailer)

Disney XD has been a source for some of the best present day animated shows, like our beloved Gravity Falls, and one of the best Marvel cartoons ever in Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.  That show was unfortunately cancelled for something closer to the MCU with Avengers Assemble, which was decidedly not as great and they’ve added Guardians of the Galaxy and Ultimate Spider-Man to their lineup as well.  Ultimate Spider-Man initially didn’t get very good reviews but it’s adapted a bunch of past and present Spidey storylines and seems to have built up some solid fan reaction, just in time for it to be cancelled for a new show more in line with Tom Holland’s MCU Spider-Man.  Hitting this summer, Marvel’s Spider-Man features Peter Parker right at the beginning of his crime fighting career, taking on villains like Scorpion in the trailer/clip below.  The animation style does not look good at all but hopefully it’s just early or not finalized and we’ll find out later this summer.  Check out the clip/trailer below.

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