The Pull List: Harbinger Renegades #0

The latest Harbinger Renegades volume starts with the H.A.R.D Corps, a government combat unit of highly trained individuals that have been given enhancements to fight against super humans known as Harbingers. Harbingers display fantastic psionics abilities, and are labeled as psiots. The H.A.R.D Corps latest assignment is to track down Alexander Solomon, an ex government official and leader of a psiot group known as The Consortium. Solomon was once a student of the most powerful Harbingers, Toyo Harada. Now Solomon has been on mission to shape the world in his twisted image of peace that is causing death and destruction all around. The H.A.R.D Corps locate Solomon to an island in the pacific, but instead uncover an ancient pisot known as the Stormbringer.

First time readers to the Harbinger Renegades might need additional reading to get on track with key characters and understand Alexander Solomon’s plan. In the previous story arc Massacre, Toyo Harada’s army of Harbinger agents, the H.A.R.D Corps, and the Renegades in a fight to for control over the psiot population. Harada revealed his unhinged view of control and was taken down by his former teammates and students. Toyo Harada had been pulling the strings of the world and now his vacant position is being sought after by Alexander Solomon, who has his own corrupt agenda to instill.

The Harbinger series is one of Valiant’s  longest running series and has tons of super powered characters and bloody action. The previous arc Massacre was a blood bath of characters being introduced and killed off, making it clear that no character is safe. Issue 0 of the newest Harbinger Renegade is gearing up to be an intense action pack story that is spanning multiple characters, opening new conflicts and leading to a grand battle in the upcoming Harbinger War 2. This issue it the best time to jump into the fray, and picking sides for the war that is going to shape the rest of the Valiant Comics universe. Comic readers looking for a mature super power adventures can pick up the first issue of this new story arc November 8th.

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