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The Pull List – Amazing Age #4

Posted on November 21, 2017 by

In the aftermath of a devastating explosion at the super hero headquarters of the Patriots, the members of S.A.V.E leave to to search for survivors and leave Sam, Violet and Mike in the care of Jumper and Titan at S.A.V.E base. Meanwhile, the super villain group known as “The Chosen”, a ruthless group lead by Gee, have already triggered their first act in their plans to capture the three teens and are waiting to activate their next diabolical act to ensure a total victory against the heroes. As Sam and his friends slowly adjust to being super heroes, they are faced with the reality that being a hero is not easy as it looks.

Matthew D. Smith, Jeremy Massie and Christine Brunson have set a dramatic tone to issue four of Amazing Age. The increases of drama of the series shows the bitter side of being in a super hero world. Being a hero isn’t all simple bank robberies and jewelry heisting adventures. Sometimes it’s facing the brutal consequences of fighting destructive mad men. Sam and his friends have just gotten begun to practice their powers and now must learn to control their abilities to survive in this super powered world. Issue four reveals more about Gee and his minions, finding out their true goals, and what they are willing to sacrifice in order to get their way. For most of the series about this point, the risk and actions were the standard PG fair of super heroes and villains heavy tussling around. The action ramps up and the stakes get higher when S.A.V.E faces The Chosen in the show down coming in Amazing Age issue 5.

Comic fans looking to read about what it could be like to be trapped inside their own imaged super powered world should seek out the earlier issues to get on track with the story. Issue 4 of Amazing Age is set for release November 22.


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