The Pull List – Doppelganger #1

Meet Dennis Zimmann, a good natured computer programmer who loves playing card games and taking care of his family. He has a best friend that’s always there for him and a co-worker that looks out for him. He can’t seem to get far up into his career and is being bullied by upper management. His worst enemy doesn’t come from the work place or a total stranger in fact. He is about to be tormented by the one person who knows every detail about his life, himself. After a car accident leaves Dennis with a head injury, Dennis encounters an doppelganger of himself. This other Dennis knows all of Dennis’s memories and desires, but also has a evil nature. Free of all of Dennis’ inhibitions, this evil Dennis sets off to flip Dennis’ life upside down and take over as the only Dennis.

Doppelganger is written by Jordan Hart and art provided by Emmanuel Xerx Javier, and published by Alterna Comics. This is a four issue series that pits an everyday person against a supernatural situation. The first issue sets up the meek and likable Dennis Zimmann, the peaceful nerdy programmer that tries to please everyone. In the early pages we see that Dennis keeps his head down to avoid conflict and struggles with his wife’s expectations of himself. Dennis is really shaken up when the doppelganger appears and declares that he intends to take over Dennis’s life and states that he will give the original Dennis a head start to live the rest of his life before the doppelganger takes over. This doppelganger may looks like Dennis, but his cruel nature and cold demure is the exact opposite of the original Dennis. 

In movie terms, Doppelganger is closer to Invasion of the Body Snatcher than The Parent Trap. Fans of horror and suspense tales will enjoy this series for the supernatural story that forces the timid Dennis to face his evil double. Doppelganger is set to be released November 22 in comic stores and can be read now on comixology

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