The Pull List – Secret Weapons #0

Super powers are awesome, some are blessings and some are curses. But what happens to super powered people when their special abilities are kind slightly above the average human. Valiant Comics explores the idea with Secret Weapons, a team of pisiots (people with incredible physical and mental abilities) that were recruited to be trained to be agents for Toyo Harada’s Harbinger Foundation, but were deemed useless to be used in the activate field. Members of the Secret Weapons were residents at The Willows, a Harbinger training faculty in Oklahoma City. After the corruption of the Harbinger Foundation is revealed to the world, all of the Harbinger training faculties were shut down and the pisiots began to go into hiding.

Secret Weapons #0 delves into origins of Nicole “Nikki” Finch who was first introduced in a previous a Secret Weapons arc. When Nikki was introduced, she was a pink hair teenager who was abandon by her family and has been surviving on her own before she joined up with her fellow pisiot friends from The Willows. This new arc of the story tells the time of Nikki’s life before she was recruited in the Harbinger Foundation.  Nikki had lived her life as a typical senior teenager girl that couldn’t wait to final grow up and make her down decisions. She had friends, a boyfriend and prospects for college. However, she after being scouted for a potential pisiot abilities, Nikki mades a daring choice to leave her old life behind and explore her new found powers.

As a origin story, this is a great drop in point to catch up to the Secret Weapons team and learn more about the other side of the Harbinger lore. There is a really nice take on the super powered heroes that aren’t so super, and the consequences that happen when pursuiting the super power life. Fans of the other Valiant Comic’s many Harbinger/Pisiots series should take a look at series as other issues are lined up to go into other character’s origin stories.

Secret Weapons #0 will be on sale January 3rd. 

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