The Pull List – Eternity #4

Time and space come to a halt as Divinity and Myshka come to understand their purpose in the universe and how their child will preventing the annihilation of all existence. Myshka had learned the truth of the Observer’s role in the universe; the Observer is a god like entity that creates and watches life all over the infinite span of realities. Scripting the events of all beings and possibilities. Without an Observer to continue the creation process, the balance of the universe had been thrown off a natural balance, causing realities to shift. These actions have lead to Divinity and Myshka losing their child and ultimate will be fated to make a decision to that effects life everywhere.

The conclusion to Eternity is a high concept ending that will leave the reader stun by the revelations. Matt Kindt  and Trevor Hairshine delve into a the fibers of reality to create very sci-fi story that responses to the function of destiny. If there are forces that control one’s options, is it an option to follow those orders that are laid out? Divinity and Myshka are two god like beings with powers to beyond human imagination that are render helpless in the overall scheme of the events that unfold.  They are aided by beings with their own complicated lives. They have taken a passive role in the battle of  Future-Light and Past-Light groups. In a reality full of possibly, they cannot know every definite answer.

Eternity is a great sci-fi series that explores the Valiant Universe in a more philosophical matter. Fans of the previous Divinity stories will find this tale to be a nice addition to the already powerful character. This series addresses some lingering questions about Divinity origin. Abram Adams past before becoming Divinity shows how much an individual can guides their fate. Entity adds new the choices he has made, and where he will proceed. Only the cosmic Observer knows where Divinity and Myshka will lead to next. (Or the Valiant writers.)

Eternity #4 will be on sale January 31 2018.

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