The Pull List – Giants #4

A year has passed since Gogi and Zedo had separated, each of them have found ways to survive and grow in their new surroundings. Gogi has been accepted into The Forsaken, becoming familiar with the ruin city and a fierce fighter. Zedo has formed his own gang, the Blackmouths, and has begun to build up his power by collecting more precious ambernoir to overpower the remaining gangs left in the underground city. In a chance encounter, Gogi helps the Blackmouths fend off a group of creatures and reunites with Zedo. The two brothers are surprised to see each other, believing the other was dead and this was their new opportunity to make up for lost time.  However, something in the way Zedo acts around The Forsaken gives Uron suspension about the Blackmouths intentions. While Gogi is catching up about the Underground City, Zedo is interested in the ambernoir The Forsaken has saved up. Uron reveals to Gogi that he was once a member of Bloodwovles too and was kicked out for not agreeing with their greedy ways. Recognizing that same burning passion behind Zedo’s words, Uron warns Gogi that the Zedo he once knew may be corrupted by blind ambition.

Giants #4 finally brings the two brothers back together, but was it for the better or the worse? Each one has lead a different path that has changed them in some way. The once cowardly Gogi is know a nimble swordsman, trained by The Forsaken fight the deadly surface creatures. Zedo leads a new gang that are trying to make their mark in the underground city. The two most powerful gangs The Bloodwolves and The Grim Bastards are now gone, leading to other gangs fighting for territory. Zedo had personality finished off The Grim Bastards leader and his ambitions to be the most powerful in the underground city knows no bound. Uron connection the underground city gangs explains his formation of The Forsaken, he was once a ruthless leader that was cast out by his members. Uron’s lust for power was his downfall and it took living on the harsh surface to learn to appreciate others.

The Valderrama Brothers have waited to give the comic reader their taste of redemption, greed and betray, and this is just the human elements in a kaiju story. The tense felt between each panel rises as Gogi and Zedo finally talk about their last experience together. The traumatic separation left Zedo to feel deeply abandoned by Gogi, growing resentful of his brother and driving him higher into the gang lifestyle. Gogi found help in The Forsaken and living in the open skies and isolated ruins of the surface world, something that he did not expect to find happiness in. The clash of the two brothers that have grown from their respective communities comes to a boiling point by the end of the issue that will change their paths forever.

Giants #4 will be released March 14th 2018

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