The Pull List – Ninjak #5

Learning of about the existence of the Acclimation Bureau, Ninjak agrees to help Ninja-C dig deeper for more answers behind the covert operations of hidden by MI-6 Ninja-C is one step closer to getting his revenge for all the torment he gave to the Ninja Programme, looking to destroy the Acclimation Bureau at it’s source. Ninjak is driven to help Ninja-C in order to find out if MI-6 was really involved in the deaths of his parents. The two ninjas put aside their differences to sneak into the secret facility housing the Acclimation Bureau records. However, inside the facility contains many dangers and they must deal with the consequences once they access all of the Acclimation Bureau dark secrets.

Issue #5 has Ninjak once again questioning his loyalty to the MI-6 . His freelancer status gives him the ability to choice his work, but his sense of morality keeps him doing things for the greater good. The Acclimation Bureau past actions throws his reasoning into question as Ninja-C is a result of the MI-6 tearing apart one of it’s own. One of the great highlights is the two ninjas working together to infiltrate the Acclimation Bureau and overcoming it’s defenses. The two ninjas are generations apart, yet their timeless training makes them equality deadly. 

This issue ties up a fun narrative of past Ninja Agents, MI-6 black ops and the consequences of living the spy life. Not every spy gets a happy ending and some could only grab a brief moment. What Ninjak takes away from this experience may change his character a bit, having him appreciate others. Or his may just have a few drinks and return to slice and dicing up baddies. Either way, if the next issues read like these past five it’s going to be a good time. 

Ninjak #5 will be on sale March 21 2018

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