The Pull List – Quantum And Woody #5

Kid Tesla is ready to separate Quantum and Woody, but something does not feel right for Quantum. After speaking to Negative One, Quantum realizes this deal is not what is seems and they must jump into action. However, Woody is spending some quality drinking time with his father and it is everything Woody has dream it will be. As Kid Tesla prepares to make Quantum and Woody part of his latest experiment, would the two brothers patch up their differences and become the heroes they once were?

Issue five is the ends the story of Woody and his father is a hilarious and satisfying conclusion that nicely ties some of the lose ends and definitive leaves room for further adventures. Kid Tesla convoluted plans fall together and make for a fun story of the fall and rise of Quantum and Woody. Proving that these two are the worst and best heroes for the weirdest moments. We also finally get some backstory on Negative One, a last known clone created to serve Thomas Edison. Her brief flash back gives some explanation about teaming up with Kid Tesla and her grudge against Quantum and Woody. Making the bold decision to put aside her hate to help the heroes out gives us a hope for more appearances for the stick poking clone.

This issue is also marks the completion of Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano collaboration for this arc. The two creators have made the entry issues a fun read and a great addition in the long running series. The first issue paid great homage to the humor focus nature of the series and was a great reintroduction to the characters. Later issues would tug at the heart strings and create a very potent betrayal between two brothers. Daniel Kibblesmith and Kano send this issue off a epic multiple panel scene that depicts the heroes fighting off a horde of Australia’s cutest and cuddliest critters that easily sums up the whole five issue experience. The next upcoming issues will have Eliot Rahal and Francis Portela taking the reins and will lead the world’s worst superhero team into their next crazy adventure.

Quantum And Woody #5 will be on sale April 18 2018

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