The Pull List – Harbinger Wars Compendium TPB

The proverbial saying ‘power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely’, only took in account for regular humans misusing control over one another, but what happens when humans with amazing abilities become corrupted? In a world where people with extraordinary powers, known as Harbingers or psiots, would these people help usher a new age of peace or begins the destruction of humanity? Toyo Harada, the most powerful psionic known, has tried to protect human from destroying itself, making his life’s mission to help shape humanity under his vision of the future. Harada created the Harbinger Foundation, a corporate institution that finds and trains harbingers, utilize their abilities for his vision. Another organization, Project Rising Spirit, is a secret government agency that wants to shape the world in another view, requiring the people with all matter of power to be united under their purposes. For years, both groups have fought to control the harbinger population in the shadows, influencing potential recruits and battling outside of the public view. In the efforts to be a dominating force, they would find the best candidates and get them to fall under their ranks, by any means necessary. Both sides would experiment with how to obtain harbingers, and how to control them, eventually creating their owns heroes and unfortunately, their own villains.

The sins of the past for the Harbinger Foundation and Project Rising Spirit come for revenge in the form of rejected projects. Peter Stanchek, a rebelious teenage psiot that was training under the Harbinger Foundation, discovered Toyo Harada authoritarian rule and the plan to eradicate all those who do not share Harada’s control. Peter and a small group of former Harbinger Foundation trainees, formed the Harbinger Renegades to fight back Harada’s grip of psiot control and reveal to the public of Harada’s true intentions. Across the states is Bloodshot, a nanite enhanced super solider and a former Project Rising Spirit asset that was freed from their control. Horrified by the past deeds he has done under the guise of good, and angered by the false memories he was implanted with, Bloodshot seeks to destroy Project Rising Spirit. When all these forces meet, their only path will lead to is war.

With over 700’s pages of awesome action, shocking story telling and mighty visuals, the Harbinger Wars Compendium is the best collection to immense in the Valiant Universe. This trade paper back contains of all the major series arcs that depicts the Harbinger War, the major cross over event in the Valiant Universe. This event started in 2012 and spanned over 27 issues, starting in the pages of 2012 volume of HarbingerBloodshot, and the mini-series Harbinger Wars. The creative team is a Valiant Comic all star cast of Joshua Dysart, Duane Swierczynski, Clayton Henry, Khari Evans, Manuel Garcia, Barry Kitson, Pere Perez. This interwoven story event arc brought a major event in the Valiant Universe that revealed major reveals for characters. The once highly respected Toyo Harada has become unhinged with his quest for power, doing all he can to gain total control over the world. Project Rising Spirit, a black ops agency that develops next generation super weapons, loses control of their top asset Bloodshot  and is in cross hairs of his guns. Bloodshot’s chapters changed the origins of his lore; no longer a family man that volunteer become a human weapon, but now a brain washed killing machine with no real identity. It was a cool reveal for fans of the Bloodshot series from the initial release, as this reboot keeps bits of the original source and adds a clever twist for gritter beginning. This is a definite required reading for Valiant Comic fans that didn’t catch the event in 2012. The consequences of this story arc effects even the current story lines in the Valiant Universe, leaving some characters to spark off another Harbinger Wars in the upcoming series, Harbinger Wars 2.

Harbinger Wars Compendium TPB was released May 2nd 2018.

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