The Pull List – Go West #3

The groups are set for battle to control the new west. Slade and Lilly have recruited all that want to stop Creep’s bandit army and have set to march on Creep’s compound. Knowing that the odds are against them, Slade and Lilly have to figure out a way to inflate and ambush Creep’s men, distracting them long enough to Slade one duel with Creep himself. It’s a winner takes all battle, one that either gets Slade his revenge or a new set of blades for Creep to hang on his wall.

In the final chapter of Go West, it’s a bloody and brutal fight between the Creep’s army against the allied group of townspeople and renegades that are united to stop Creep. Go West keeps with it’s western inspired roots as the finale feels like a true cowboy showdown, with the villains and heroes sizing each other up and getting ready for a gun fight. The blend of western and post apocalyptic themes makes for an interest story that nicely mixes the nostalgic glamour of the old west and a hellish vision of a future gone wrong. The series moves at a lightening fast pace in the three issues, we wish the series was a bit longer to explore more of the world and developed more time with the characters. A lot of subtle details of the characters hint at a great history that we do not get to witness. It’s not necessary a negative to skip the small details in a gory action focus series, but it left us craving more plot once we got wrapped into this world.

Overall, Go West is a great action pack series that dazzle’s readers with familiar elements and it’s vicious visuals. Every punch, stab and axe chop is a bloody mess that keeps earns Alterna Comics mature rating. Fans of western and post apocalyptic series should definitely give this comic a read.

Go West #3 will be on sale June 6th 2018

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