The Pull List – Blackwood #1

Meet Wren Valentine, Reiko Oyuki, Dennis Wolchinski and Stephen Heller, new students at Blackwood College, a school for the education of the super natural. Blackwood is the home for individuals to learn and grow their magical abilities and experiment with the occult. Unfortunately for this year’s class, the school’s curriculum goes beyond any lesson plan when abnormal events begin to occur. Strange sightings, demonic creatures and even a murder are just a few occurrences waiting to happen. In a school where the unusual is the usual, can these four students survive the school year?

Blackwood brings together the creative writing of Evan Dorkin and the artistic talents of Veronica and Andy Fish. This team brings an imagery cast of characters and setting that merging the horrors of a H.P Lovecraft tale into the wizard fantasy world of J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter. This strange coming of age has a group of unlikely heroes taking on the forces of evil. Like a magical Breakfast ClubWren, Reiko, Dennis and Stephen come from different backgrounds. Their personalities range from the the loner, the mysterious quite one, the emotional one and the joker. Together, they will learn more about themselves, their abilities and maybe something along the lines of a real friendship as they face bizarre events at Blackwood.   

Fans of gothic horror, fantasy and old fashion teenage drama, should definite check out Blackwood. It’s an interesting twist of the familiar fantasy story that is not afraid to let loose on the graphic visuals. Panels are filled with colorful and vibrant scenery with comedic dialogue, but can quickly become a hellish nightmare at the turn of a page. This four part mini series has a strong and focus beginning that no horror fan should miss.

Blackwood #1 will be on sale May 30th 2018 

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