The Pull List – Valiant High #1

High school can be a stressful time; lots of school work, teenage emotions and pressure to make grown up decisions. But what happens when the Valiant heroes you know and love get put back into the awkward shoes of their teenage golden years? Valiant High is the re-imaging of the Valiant Universe set in a typical high school, but where super powers are normal. Where powerful psiot and Harbinger founder Toyo Harada is now a principal, nano machine blooded and lethal weapon BloodShot is a coach, and other fan favorite characters become their high school incarnations. See the daily lives of Valiant’s powerful characters navigating through tough exams and teenage angst, all while avoiding the overseeing eyes of the high school’s facility members.

Valiant High was original published digitally in 2017 and is being released in print for a 4 part mini series. The series focuses on the comical aspects of multiple franchises, parodying the best details of the beloved characters. This was one of Daniel Kibblesmith’s early works for Valiant Comics and showcased his hilarious takes on Valiant’s characters. His writing pairs well with Derek Charm’s cartoony visuals, creating a fun comic that feels like MTV’s Daria meets Marvel’s X-Men. It’s hard not to recommend this series as it’s a great spin off that brings out the humorist side to the gritty Valiant stories. This comic is a rewarding experience for long time Valiant Comic fans, especially for those that follow Harbinger, X-O ManBloodshot, Quantum and Woody, Eternal Warrior, Armstrong and Archer and Faith.

Valiant High #1 will be on sale May 30th 

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