The Pull List – Valiant High #2

Prepare for super power drama as the teens of Valiant High begin to clash over their relationships and suspect something usual about Principle Harada. Sophomores Amanda McKee, Faith, and Aric Dacia are in a tense friendship that has each of them questioning their trust. Transfer student Colin King has been trying to improve Pete Stanchek’s imagine in the school and rise him into the ranks of most popular at Valiant High. However, Colin’s true motivates are unclear and he has been secretly investigating Valiant High. What will be uncovered? What friendships will be broken? And who will be asked out for Homecoming?

Issue two kicks off with the super power game of dodge ball, the only activities that lets enhanced students of Valiant High to freely use their abilities. Those without super power, well, have to really dodge those balls. It’s a fun and comical moment to see Valiant’s powerful hurling those iconic rubber balls at each other while an enthusiastic Bloodshot is grinning. There are great introductions to the Valiant characters that mixes their origins with their high school universe version.  Colin King appears to be the suave and dapper gentleman spy, but in kid form. He finally begins to show the Ninjak side to him and downs his purple face mask. Pete Stanchek is a social outcast that wanders around the high school mostly unnoticed. After Colin King witnesses Pete use his powers while wearing the school’s power damper, King works on Pete to increase his social standing in the school. Amanda McKee is a total opposite of cool and collected mature version, appearing to be self conscious and timid. She can ace almost all her high school exams, but cannot drive a car to save her life. This issue makes a quick appears of Shadow Man, as the school’s shadowy janitor that disappears into the darkness of the hallways. Valiant High hints towards a mysterious conspiracy that may prove that’s the school is not what it seems. As students begins to suspect that Principle Harada hiding something. This is great series for long time Valiant Comic readers and new comers to the Valiant universe get a quick and hilarious introductions to some of the best Valiant characters in their juvenile forms.

Valiant High #2 will be on sale June 6th 2018 


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