The Pull List – American Gods: My Ainsel #4

With only a few days of rest after his trip to Las Vegas, Shadow has some time to settle in and gets to know a little more about his next door neighbor Margie Oslen. The local town police Officer, Chad Mulligan, offers a ride to Shadow and the two talk about the separation of the Oslen family and the disappearing of Margie’s oldest son Sandy. This sleepy snowy town may hide more mysterious than it looks, but Shadow doesn’t pursue it further as he is tasked with another recruitment in San Francisco. Once in the sunny skies of San Francisco, Shadow and Mr. Wednesday are celebrating spring in style by talking to the one goddess that gets powers from the rebirth of live, Easter herself. But in a modern American that has forgotten many traditions, what could Shadow and Mr. Wednesday gain with the old goddess?

Issue four of My Ainsel begins to splinter into to separate plots. Shadow’s growing adventures as Mike Ainsel and the Shadow that is a servant for Mr. Wednesday. By this issue, the character of Mike Ainsel has become one that people have confided in. While the real personality of Shadow is still hiding out from the other Gods and CIA agents looking to contain him. These different plots add some depth to Shadow, one where his downtime with normal people seems harder than convincing Gods to join a war.

This issue also partially syncs up with the season finale of American Gods on Starz. here are many differences between the TV show, the novels and the graphic novels, but if you liked one of these formats, you can easily enjoy the others. American Gods is a fun series if you are interested in other beliefs, American History and the works of Neil Gaiman (duh). So fans that started with the TV show should be reaching new territory with the new upcoming issues. 

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