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One of the greatest gaming franchises in the world is The Legend of Zelda. Love it or hate it, the Zelda games are a big influence over the last 30 years of gaming history. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka in 1986, the original The Legend of Zelda was a smash hit and has grown into a massive franchise over the years. With over 18 games and remastered editions, it’s no wonder that in order to collect and log all the facts, lore and insights, a book about the games would be massive also. Nintendo and Dark Horse Comics presents The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia  an extremely detailed guide to know the in’s and out’s about the original 1986 classic to the Twilight Princess HD release in 2016.

This giant, 328 page book features information about the story of each game, the development progress, rough draft ideas and a collection of marketing artwork. There are big spreads that detail the designs of the maps, the items and the different appearances of weapons and items. But most importantly, it has a guide to follow the complex timeline and multi verse of the main Legend of Zelda series. After the game The Adventure of Link, the next titles follow a few different paths; it  continued the next chapter of a Link’s story, starred a descendant of a Link or was an alternate time line. (And lets just forget the CD-i games, the encyclopedia does too).

There is an appeal to have this massive collection of information on hand that requires no electricity or internet connections.There are two editions of the book; a regular edition that features an elegant Tri-Force, and the deluxe edition that resembles the NES cart and a matching cover sleeve. Both would make a great gift for gamers for the upcoming holiday season or a treat for those who are a kid at heart. This encyclopedia is a great book to have for any Zelda fan and makes a fine addition to any gamer’s library. 

The Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia will be released June 19th 2018

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