The Pull List – Metaphase #1

Some children looked up to their parents as heroes, and one day hoped to be like them. But what happens to children whose parents are actual super heroes? For one special child named Ollie, his incredible journey to be like his dad starts with a sketch and some hope. The Sentinel is the local caped hero that everyone in the town of Excelsior Springs relies on, and for Ollie, that’s just his father’s alter ego. Being raised by a famous hero has inspired Ollie to one day become like his father and be a peace maker for justice, no matter what disabilities slow him down. Ollie was born with Down Syndrome and he’s overcome a few of the setbacks with the effects. Ollie’s father has tried to steer him out of becoming a hero and thinks his body is not meant for the heroics. But when a company named Meta-Makers has promised to manipulate human DNA, this interests Ollie into finding a way to become more like his father. But at what cost? 

Created by the comic writer Chip Reece as a gift for his own son named Ollie, Metaphase introduces a different perspective of the super hero tale. At first glace, Ollie is a young boy with Down Syndrome and a heart condition, but his passion to become a hero makes Ollie see beyond his limitations. Idolizing his super powered father, Ollie hopes to one day become a hero in his own right.  For comic fans that have read every type of super hero tale that was made, Metaphase will be a unique adventure that explores the complex difficulties of parenthood, living with Down Syndrome and becoming something greater than your origins. It’s inspiring that this comic team could take a very difficult subject and turn it into both a learning experience and a fantasy tale. 

Metaphase #1 will be on sale July 4th 2018.


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