The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #7


With their 24 hour time limit to stabilize their molecules structures, Eric and Woody have disintegrated into atoms. But the two brothers have found themselves in an alternate existence where Woody is a rich playboy and lucky gambler that has been riding a long hot streak. Eric is reborn as an alien that crash lands on earth, finding love and fighting crime as the hero Quantum. These two seem to have everything they had ever dreamed up; beautiful women, respectable personas and separating from their quantum control bands. However as amazing and fulling this new lives appear, they do not have each other. What is the purpose of this reality and where are the actual Quantum and Woody?

Issue seven shows us the glimpse of the lives of each of the brother if they weren’t forced to be together. Without Eric around, Woody is free to make all his impulsive decisions. This leads to a life of partying, gambling and quick friends. For Eric, his version of this reality reshapes his childhood to be something like another caped hero that fell from space. This has been a dream of the nerdy Eric since he was a child and now he is living out the fantasy. But these other lives has both brothers feeling a bit empty. Something about having everything they wanted, isn’t what they want. While most story arcs have dealt with humorist and surprising heart warming tales this one explores Quantum and Woody exploring new realities and revealing more depths to their quantum powers.

Quantum and Woody #7 was released June 27th 2018.

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