The Pull List – Harbinger Wars 2 #2

With the war kicked off, the US government and the black ops agency known as Omen have formed a task force and sent their agents to subdue Peter Stanchek as he makes his way across Mexico. Major Palmer, leader of the H.A.R.D. Corps leads Ninjak and X-O Manowar first to try and convince Peter to stop his quest to activate potential psiots and come back to America peacefully. But Peter Stanchek has come too far to be a captive once again and unleashes his powers on the group. Meanwhile, Livewire seeks out Divinity for support in her mission, but is politely turned away. Embracing his new found peace, Divinity has chosen to stay out of the conflict. But as Livewire is finished talking about peace, she is contacted by Bloodshot, who is on a mission to raid the Loveboat, the aircraft the US government and Omen agents use as a mobile base. As both sides of the Harbinger War make their first moves, when will the first blood be spilled?


Issue 2 shows the tactical plans of Livewire and the joint task force looking to round up the pisots. Before the tensions between both sides escalates, Livewire pleads with Divinity, a god like being, to join her side and alter the current reality. But after the loss of his son and the higher knowledge of the cosmos, Divinity has taken a step away from the quarrels of mankind and wants no part of the war. Major Palmer, a veteran solider of countless difficult battles and covert missions, tries to reason with Peter before he uses extreme force. Its a kinder side to the grim and stoic major, who usually deals with situations with a “shoot first, shoot second, then call for backup to shoot some more” attitude. But maybe after seeing so many conflicts he wants to end this war without it sparking into something very ugly. But with so many lives on the line, X-O Manowar does not waste time in trying to wait for reason. He is charged with protecting the earth and if that means forcing others to fall in line, then he has no issue using his strength to do so.

While the conflict of Harbinger War 2 has many factors, there are no clear heroes or villains at this point. Most of the people involved are forced into the situation based on their duty or obligation to protect what they think is right. Of course, being how there is so much at stake for the future of psiots, there will be interlopers looking to crash in during this war. This power keg of powerful people clashing will draw in others that will try to grab some powers for themselves. Valiant fans that have been reading other series would need to follow along with this mini series to get the understanding of where these characters alliances will lie in the future.

Harbinger War 2 #2 was released June 27th 2018.

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