The Pull List – She Could Fly #1

When people see amazing sights, it could inspire others to be something greater in their lives. But for one teenage girl, seeing a unknown woman fly will bring change her life in very usual ways. Meet Luna Brewster, a 15 year old girl with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, starting her sophomore year in high school in Chicago. When she is not having disturbing thoughts about her life, she is dreaming about the famous unknown woman that could sore in airs. No one knows who this woman is, or how she can fly, but Luna idolizes this flying woman. But for a teen that barely has starting living her life, can looking to the skies be the right choice?

The first issue introduces a world of people that doubt, believe or conspire against this flying woman. After weeks of sightings of the flying woman around the city of Chicago, Luna is on a mission to learn everything about this woman. Logging the woman’s appearances, her flight pattern and speculation who this woman might be, Luna feeds her obsessive mind with this person she does not fully understand. But with the growing attention to this flying woman, Luna will not be one of many people trying to find this woman.  

She Could Fly creators Christopher Cantwell, Martin Morazzo and Miroslav Mrva bring to life a unique coming of age tale that deals with the realities of mental illness and fantasy wonderment. Ordinary, a flying woman would the highlight of the comic, but the real hero in this tale is Luna.  Luna may look like an average teenager to everyone on the outside, but her mental state becomes the focal point of the series. Her unstable mind is racing at 100 miles a minute, but after seeing an extraordinary sight of a flying woman, her mind for once becomes a bit more focus.

Don’t be fooled by the title and colorful artwork, She Could Fly is a very mature series that shows the disturbing imaginary of anxiety at it’s worst and the people it affects. Christoper Cantwell based Luna on his real life OCD experience of having vivid and panic thoughts. Retelling those feelings through a the teenage mindset, Luna becomes a symbol for a tormented mind looking for freedom. For comic fans that are interested in a dramatic superhero tale with a unique perspective of mental illness, then check out She Can Fly when it hits comic shops next week. 

She Can Fly #1 will be released July 11th 2018.  

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