The Pull List – She Could Fly #3

Bill Meigs and Luna Brewster have finally crossed paths. Bill has been hunting down the technology used to create the Flying Woman’s jetpack and Luna has been obsessing about the life of Flying Woman, Mayura Howard. These two have been searching for more information about Mayura and now have come to a mutual agreement to help each other. Teaming up to find more clues, Bill and Luna discover a safety deposit box that may hold most answers. But followingly closely is the Eon-Def agents, waiting for the right moment to strike and eliminate any evidence.

Issue three merges the two parallel paths of Bill and Luna. Each has been doing their own investigations for their own personal reasons, but Bill had learned about Luna’s activities, peaking his interest to confront her first. Luna’s visit at the Arc Systems building caused the Eon-Def and its agents to quickly cover up their plans and discover Bill’s movements in Chicago. Bill’s paranoia keeps him safe from making mistakes and falling into the Eon-Def traps, but as he runs out of support, he turns to Luna for a bit of help.

Now the teenage Luna forced to deal with a rogue government agency on top of her own anxious mind threatening her sanity. She finds comfort in learning more about Mayura Howard, uncovering more details about the woman and her passion to take to the skies. Bill is one step closer to getting the jetpack technology and exchanging them for a new, rich life that he plans with his girlfriend Verna. The story reaches its climax as Bill and Luna get closer to finding all of Mayura Howard secrets before the Eon-Def agents in the fourth and final issue next month.

She Could Fly #3 will be on sale September 12th, 2019


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