The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #10

A large monster from space crashed landed and has begun to attack the city, flooding the streets and cause a mass panic. An army platoon has been sent to try and stop the monster, but this might be a job that only the world’s worst superhero duo is better suited to handle. Still managing the changes in their powers, Quantum and Woody take on the space monster to save the city. But G.A.T.E, Global Agency for Threat Excisions, takes the pair for questioning, discovering that there are more consequences than just their powers. Now the whole universe is now at risk from the changes!

Issue 10 continues to explore Eric and Woody’s changes and their adjustments of having experienced two different existences. The result of the brothers returning to the normal world with elements from the Otherverse has affected some critical details in the normal world. A space monster appears out of the space for no reason, a blank-faced man quoting infomercials with unexplained powers wanders the streets, and two brothers do not have to tap their bracelets to recharge their atoms. In this new reality, the Hendersons are free to go their own way for more than 24 hrs at a time, but is the cost worth it for all these new problems?

As G.A.T.E has stepped in to try and sort out Quantum and Woody’s problems, the blank-faced man introduced a few issues ago finally crosses path with the brothers. In a strange and violent show of power, the blank-faced man is a powerful being than he appears. Wandering aimlessly through the city with nothing restricting him from unleashing his will, the blank-faced man might be a hidden danger for everyone around. Quantum and Woody will have to figure out how to deal with their Otherverse changes and the blank-faced man in next month’s issue.

Quantum and Woody #10 will be on sale September 19, 2018.

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