The Pull List – High Heaven #1

One bad day can easily be solved with the hope for a better day tomorrow, but what happens when one bad moment in life leads to a worse afterlife? Meet David Weathers, an average guy struggling with balancing his work life and his own life. Like anyone waiting for their chance to finding meaning in their life, David takes a big chance and confesses his feelings for a co-worker. However, when it goes terribly wrong, David not only gets his heart crushed but his whole body. Taken to the pearly gates, David’s new life is being part of the chosen to live the afterlife behind the safe walls of heaven. But to his horror, David doesn’t find paradise but new problems to complain about.

Issue one of High Heaven introduces David Weathers as a low self-esteem, melodramatic, unconventional hero in this story. Having not done anything special with his life, he is just as surprised to make it up into the clouds of heaven as the reader. A cartoon style, death by piano doesn’t always mean the character was an awesome person, but it definitely leaves a lasting impression. An impression that David can’t stop talking about, bothering all those around him while waiting to be judged by Saint Peter.

Writer Tom Peyer poses David Weathers as an unlikable guy at the start, but readers will relate to him because there’s a bit of David inside everyone that has ever had a bad day. His adventure should draw the interest of anyone that has felt out of place and just wanted things to go their way for once. Artists Greg Scott and Andy Troy bring the comedic tragedies of David to life with realistic visuals and great emotional depth in the character expressions. The art brings so much hidden confusion on David, while most characters have very little empathy as they address him. High Heaven will explore more about this twisted take on heaven and the hilarious misfortunes of David Weathers.

In this issue of Ahoy Comic, there are two short comic strips from Shannon Wheeler, and Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso and an essay by Grant Morrison. Shannon Wheeler presents her comic strip of Too Much Coffee Man, relating to the topic of the afterlife.  Tom Peyer and Chris Giarrusso present Hashtag: Danger a fun ode to cartoony sci-fi adventure comics from newspapers, with a mature and modern twist. Grant Morrison writes about the odd attraction of the fair in modern times, with illustrations by Rick Geary.

High Heaven #1 will be released September 26th, 2019.


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