The Pull List – Faith: Dreamside #1

Faith Herbert has been in hiding since her superhero identity, Zephyr, had been framed for a murder she did not commit. Now living under a new identity, Summer Smith, she reports on news stories about Zephyr’s past and where she could be. Trying to stay out of the spotlight and out of police custody, Faith does sneak in the occasional super heroics when she can. After helping with a car pile-up accident in Los Angeles, Faith draws the attention of Animalia, real name Monica Jim, a fifteen young old Harbinger with the powers of animal projections. Monica needs help with dealing with the undead, something Faith does not have much knowledge in, but knows the right person to call.

Issue one begins with an update on Faith and her daily life trying to fit in the world as a regular human. She has spent so much time fighting crime and living as a celebrity hero, that she has a hard time adjusting to a new identity being someone that isn’t heroic. But when an opportunity comes for her to help a young Monica Jim, it allows her to once again become a hero and help a fellow Harbinger find peace.

Writer Jody Houser delves into the struggles of Faith trying to juggle her superhero antics while trying not to get arrested. The kind-hearted Faith does not want to stir up unnecessary trouble, but she is willing to make a few exceptions, especially when it is non-violent. It’s fun to see Faith uncover troubles without raising her fist or her nerdy nature trying to overanalyze her tactics. Artists MJ Kim, Jordie Bellaire, and Dave Sharpe bring a slight anime inspired tone to the story, making the visuals a bit more bubbly that matches Faith’s love of anime. This is great re-introduction to Faith and her companions, and next month’s issue will get into the mystic realm of the undead.

Faith: Dreamside #1 will be on sale September 26th, 2018.


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