The Pull List – The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1

Set in an alternate timeline where 47 children were born with incredible powers, The Umbrella Academy began as a story about a millionaire, Sir Reginald Hargreeves and his plan to prepare the world from an unknown evil. He formed Umbrella Academy as a way to create a team of protectors and help a group of misfit youths. As the series progressed, the seven students changed formed a family, becoming stronger with their abilities, but faced down even more challenging foes. In the latest chapter, the misfit group of heroes is now split up. After the events of The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, most members have gone their own way. Number Five is now a mercenary, taking the odd job for the thrill of the action. Rumor is dealing with her failed marriage. Spaceboy is hunting down answers about his father in Tokyo. But trouble has a way to find the Umbrella Academy members, and no amount of time will change that.

Issue one picks up a few years after The Umbrella Academy: Dallas, following a few of the characters on their current state. The last adventure had the team handle time travel, a hit squad and a plot to kill JFK. The fallout from that event changed all the members. There were a few lies and betrayals amongst the team, but what’s family doesn’t have drama between siblings? Some are still recovering from their physical injuries while other have thrown themselves into their work to mentally ignore the pain.

The Umbrella Academy is an interesting take on the traditional super-power team. They come from a strange lineage and must overcome their differences to fight for what is right and sometimes, for themselves. But the consequences for decisions between the greater good and personal choice become very harsh for the team. Their decisions are easily fixed with a handshake and a smile. Gerard Way’s story is tightly focused on being an action pack, dramatic and slightly odd beat. Gabriel Bá art style perfectly captures the unconventional characters with fun designs that pop with colors by Nick Filardi. The visuals resembled closely to a Mike Mignola and Dave Steward team up. New Comic readers that looking to enroll in the latest adventures of The Umbrella Academy will need to do a little back reaching to get familiar with the story. This chapter in the story does not give an easy introduction to the world but is worth the time to get caught up.

The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #1 will be on sale October 3rd, 2018.


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