The Pull List – Aliens: Dust to Dust #3

A dust storm covers the crashed survivors, reducing their visibility and slow their march towards a terraforming station. Hidden in sands, a single xenomorph follows the survivors. Injured by the evac ship crash, the lone xenomorph begins to pick off a few survivors. A scared and confused Maxon had lost his family and is now depending on a dwindling group of adult survivors. This lone xenomorph has an unusual connection to Maxon, one that no one can understand at the moment, but it does not matter if the survivors can’t make it through the harsh weather or the impending xenomorph horde traveling through the storm.

Issue three has thrown Maxon through the ringer; dealing with a collapsing city, a crashed landing and the lost of his mother to the xenomorphs invasion. The rest of the adult members of the survivors look out for Maxon, but a few don’t want to risk their lives any more than they have to for Maxon’s safety. Maxon is just an innocent twelve-year-old, caught up in a crazy situation that anyone with some good will try to help.

Gabriel Hardman’s story has a good sense of frantic action and overwhelming thrills, especially when the survivors are not trained to handle this situation. The true horrors come out in this issue as its a group of average people trying to make it out alive against an almost unstoppable enemy clawing at them. Maxon is one step closer to getting to safety, but trouble finds a way to surround him, and the next issue brings the whole story to a close.

Aliens: Dust to Dust #3 will be on sale October 24th, 2018.

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