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The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #3

Posted on November 7, 2018 by

A Dragonflyman’s work is never done, no matter what world he’s in. Dragonflyman is handling integrating two corrupt cops in the Bug House holding cell in Earth-Omega. Trying to understand the world he is in, Dragonflyman can’t bare all the sights that go against his morals. Corruption, greed, and violence rules these streets of Fortune City and he refuses to stay in Earth-Omega any longer. In Earth-Alpha, the Dragonfly is out for a patrol in the clean streets of Earth-Alpha’s Fortune City. Instead of scared pedestrians and frighten drivers, Dragonfly is greeted and praised. Meanwhile, a recently pardon Deuce, Earth-Alpha’s Number One henchwoman, has taken over the number’s gang and plotting to get their boss back from the other earth by any means possible. Even if that means taking on the Dragonfly himself.

Issue three shows off how each version of Dragonflyman handles their situations. The violent prone Dragonfly is quick to raise his voice and his fist at a drop of a hat. The calm and diligent Dragonflyman goes for the compassionate approach, using non-violent solutions with handling villains. But eventually, their differences of personality and environment begin to clash. Dragonfly is not used to working with the police and taking orders from the Fortune City’s mayor. Dragonflyman is treated as an outcast and is both feared and hated by everyone he meets. Each Dragonflyman does not know how much more they can take these changes.

Tom Peyer continues to deliver an excellent story that pays homage to classic superhero antics of the golden age and the gritty tales of modern comics. The differences in how each hero approaches their problems are amusing and greatly reflects the eras of comics they are based on. The campy world of Earth-Alpha is not used to seeing their hero bend the rules for fighting crime, and the darkened world of Earth-Omega is no place for a gentle savior. The artists Jamal Igle, Juan Castro and Andy Troy heighten the story with great character designs that greatly show off the fun details of the different world. Characters from Earth-Alpha have clothing from the 60s, while the Earth-Omega looks to be a modern-day fashion. There is a great nod to a certain riddle giving super villain that might have been a handful for Dragonflyman to deal with, but the Dragonfly doesn’t play fair and delivers swift justice, much to the horror of the citizens of Earth-Alpha. The suspense and action of The Wrong Earth should keep every comic fan eager to turn the pages and what new daring challengings lie for the dragonfly.

Included issue of Ahoy Comic, there is a comic starring Dragonflyman’s sidekick Stinger by Paul Constant and Frank Cammuso, a written piece about multiverses by Matt Brady, a short about an untitled painting by Rob Staeger and a short story about meat by Carol Lay.

The Wrong Earth #3 is on sale November 7th, 2018.

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