The Pull List – Quantum and Woody #12

Quantum and Woody have successfully sealed away the Infomercial into a different universe with their quantum powers. The unlikely heroes have now gained the attention from G.A.T.E as saviors, but something that could be a threat. Colonel Capshaw offers Quantum and Woody a chance to join the big leagues and become candidates for a new team in Unity, Earth’s squad of heroes that are called for major crises. Before the brothers can join, they are put to test by XO-Manowar. He wants to see how the team will provide themselves and his evaluation will determine the fate of the brothers.

Issue twelve has Quantum and Woody put everything they are on the line to provide that they are worthy of being called heroes. Since issue six, Eliot Rahal and artist Francis Portela brought new changes for Quantum and Woody that pushed the characters to face their greatest struggles. Eric Henderson met the wife he never had, Millie, from the Otherverse. His wish to have a personal life outside his crime fighting, but not without consequence. The free-spirited Woody Henderson got a dose of reality checks with his psychiatrist, Doctor Cooper in the Otherverse. His sessions gave him perspective about having everything he ever wanted and everything he did not. These new characters helped grow Quantum and Woody from bumbling heroes to have driven purpose this time. 

Quantum and Woody explored many funny and clever topics but mixed in some mature moments along the way. The burden of being superheroes, the different results of life choices, and the sacrifices people are willing to make to ensure the world’s safety. The series has been sneaky to even place one or two heartfelt moments also, making the reader to never look at a goat the same way twice. Comic fans that enjoy a good laugh with their superhero attics should definitely pick up this issue and see where the superhero brothers will go.

Quantum and Woody #12 will be released on November 21st, 2018.

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