The Pull List – Rick and Morty Volume 8

Gothic vampires, street gangs, an alien hunger game style reality tv show and more are presented in Rick and Morty Volume 8, the collection of Rick and Morty comics issues #36-40. These comics perfectly preserve the same whacky hijinks and off-beat humor that made the TV show a popular hit series. This collection contains Let The Rick One In Parts 1 & 2, A Jerry Bad Day, Battle Rickale, Rick Air, and their respective bonus shorts from the original release.


Written by Kyle Starks and Tini Howard, illustrated by Marc Ellerby and colored by Sarah Stern, Let The Rick One In picks up after the conclusion of tv episode Big Trouble in Little Sanchez, which introduced Tiny Rick and an order of vampires. After the defeated of the vampire Coach Feratus, a new vampire leader seeks revenge on Morty, Summer, and Rick, tiny or full size. Morty and Summer are captured, and it’s up to Rick, Beth, and Jerry to go on another vampire hunt to save the kids.

Written by Kyle Starks, illustrated by Marc Ellerby and colored by Sarah Stern, A Jerry Bad Day presents an unfortunate day in the life of Jerry Smith. Jerry is an easy target from debasing remarks, bad decision-making skills, and soul-crush self-confidence issues, and that’s stems from Rick. But on a leisure drive to print a clean copy of his resume, his afternoon turns into a chaotic adventure he will never forget.

Written by Kyle Starks, illustrated by Marc Ellerby and colored by Sarah Stern, Battle Rickale pits Rick and Morty into a televised galaxy battle royal tv show, where the two take on random aliens in a fight for survival. Rick’s secret weapon in the fight, his transformatron syringe, his experiment that lets him change into random in-animated objects. Ricks battles Skillet Rick, Plumbus Rick, Cactus Rick, and many more crazy objects to rack up kills.

Written by Kyle Starks, illustrated by Katy Farina and colored by Rian Sygh, Rick Air spoofs the Nick Cage action flick Con Air, but set in space and filled with double the scene-chewing acting. Rick and Morty are arrested in space for transporting illegal snacks and are placed in a prison transport ship. Once onboard, a few prisoners break free and take over the ship. It’s up to Rick and Morty to save the day and make an escape with their snacks.

Rick and Morty Volume 8 brings the laughs in over 120 pages that read like un-air episodes. Kyle Starks captures the same tone that made the TV show, such as making jabs on modern pop culture, fourth wall breaking meta jokes, and an overload of Rick’s nihilistic behavior. Fans of the series that didn’t catch the first release or want a handy book for easy re-reading should check out this latest volume when it drops this week.

Rick and Morty Volume 8 will be released December 5th, 2018.


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