The Pull List – Livewire #1

She started a war, and now she must face the consequences. Amanda McKee, a powerful pisot known as Livewire, has been on the run since she caused a technological blackout in America to prevent the capture of her allies from the US government she used to serve. Now marked as a terrorist, Livewire wages a new war for her survival. Scorned in the public’s eye and a large bounty on her head, Livewire travels the razor’s edge of hero and villain as she finds a new purpose for herself in a world that is hunting her down.

Issue one reintroduces Amanda as she lives in seclusion, reflecting on her decisions and pondering her next move. She’s been monitoring for the US government to ensure her trainee team, the Secret Weapons, are safe. Wishing to reunite her team, she contacts Avichal Malakar, Nicole Finch, and Owen Cho. But not everyone is eager to be associated with Amanda. Her actions did save the Secret Weapons, but there was unfortunate collateral damage. The blackout caused destruction and chaos out throughout America. She had picked to save the lives of a few at the cost of many others, and the world is passing judgment.

Vita Ayala leads Livewire in a bold direction that will examine the choices and actions of a rogue hero. Vita shows that Livewire can be a savior, but also to be a force to be feared. A corrupt system made Livewire an outlaw, but only she can decide to accept the role or become something more. Raúl Allén and Patrica Martín provide excellent artwork that captures the conflicting emotions between Livewire and the Secret Weapons, and the fury Livewire unleashes on to people that want to harm them. As Livewire comes out of hiding, her fight to save her friends and herself has just begun. Comics fans looking to discover the next phase of Valiant comics should check out this exciting entry point that promises to deliver a thrilling and action park story.

Livewire #1 will be on sale December 19th, 2018.

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