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The Pull List – Ninjak #14

Posted on December 4, 2018 by

Ninjak recovered the Eternal Warrior from the control of the Dying One, at the cost of revealing the location of the fugitive Livewire. As soon as Ninjak’s mission was completed, MI6 can to collect their due. Instead of cooperating, Ninjak turns on the MI6, breaking his promises to the agency and choosing to protect Livewire. Now Ninjak flies to London in an attempt to stop MI6 from coming after him.

The chain of events started by Ninja-C has finally reached a large wave of repercussion. The history of control and abuse from the MI6 and its secret black op divisions revealed to Ninjak unraveled his trust in the agency. Ninja-C was driven mad by the manipulation in order to ensure his loyalty, and his vendetta almost convinced Ninjak to join him. But Ninjak fought to protect the MI6, choosing to believe that the MI6 had changed and he wouldn’t suffer the same fate. But it seems that if the MI6 knows a weakness in their agents, they will exploit it.

When Ninjak was tasked with capturing Livewire during the events of the second Harbinger War, he knew Livewire’s intent was for a good purpose. The MI6 gave Ninjak one more chance to prove his loyalty by helping them hunt Livewire, but the MI6 overstepped the boundary when they ask for him to betray a personal friend. Looking to break free from MI6, he quickly goes on the offensive to strike the MI6 off guard, hoping that his actions will scare the MI6 from retaliating any further. 

It’s a poetic tragedy that Ninjak follows somewhat in the same path that Ninja-C traveled. Writer Christopher Gage began an epic thriller that drove Ninjak to question his motivates with the agency and the ninja’s integrity to his friends. This 14 issue run has been pushing Ninjak to make a critical decision with continuing his service to an organization that has a dark side. As the MI6 desperately throws armor forces at NInjak, Roberto de la Torres illustrated one non-stop fight sequences with grizzled agents, guns, jetpacks, and helicopters all aiming for ninja. Ninjak takes on all challengers for his freedom and no reader should miss out!

Ninjak #14 will be released December 5th, 2018.




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