The Pull List – John Wick #4

Looking to put a stop to Wick’s assault, Buffalo and Bill turn to the crazed killer Calamity. Out of all the members of Three Bills gang, Calamity is the worst. Deadly and unhinged, Calamity is a ruthless force that leaves behind many bodies. She’s a gunman that isn’t afraid to make some noise and will crumble anything that stands in her way. As one of the people responsible for John Wick’s tragic incident in Mexico, he is familiar with her methods. John will have to lure away from innocent people if he wants a fight. But for Calamity, there’s no mercy for anyone that gets caught in the crossfire and is wants rattle John as much as possible before they can settle the past. 

Issue four reveals some insight to Calamity, the mysterious cowboy hat wearing, mentally unstable, gang member that has been locked up. The Three Bills were hesitant to free their partner, due to the casualties she racks up. But John’s skills have proven to be more than they can handle. Meanwhile, John just recovered from his injuries at the Continental Hotel. His last attempt to assassinate Buffalo and Bill had left him with a few wounds, but that only manages to slow him down. John is a freelancer without any ties and his appearance has stirred a lot of trouble. It’ll be only a matter of time before John makes too much noise for some people to take, and they will make a move to either take John under their control or take him out completely.

Greg Pak introduces a rival character in Calamity as she a contrary to what John represents. Instead of the quite and calculated honorable hitman like John; Calamity is loud and reckless. She indiscriminately attacks people to fulfill a blood lust. It’s been a long time since Calamity has seen John. A younger John Wick escaped a fiery explosion by one of Calamity’s rockets. Her actions indirectly lead to John to become the man he is now, and all he wants is to settle a personal demon. As the series heads to the fifth and final issue in the series, we look forward to one climactic battle that will have John and Calamity facing off, and we show how John became an underworld legend.

John Wick #4 was released on December 19th, 2018.

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