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The Pull List – Halo: Lone Wolf #1

Posted on December 28, 2018 by

Spartan Linda-058 is deadly with her rifle, her knife, and her stealth. When a distress signal reaches the UNSC, they discover a rogue scientist re-emerge from hiding. Quick ensure the scientist does not fall into the wrong hands, Linda is sent on a covert mission to locate a rogue scientist, Linda must infiltrate through Covenant lines and hostile territory to reach her target. Protected in her Spartan armor and aided with only an AI named Athos, Linda faces many dangers as she hunts down the scientist in an isolated planet. 

Halo: Lone Wolf sees the marksman Linda-058 take the center stage as the lone Spartan soldier sent on an assassination mission. Linda is one of the few surviving Spartan-II recruits, overcoming the rough training and participating in multiple operations. However, for most of her career, she has operated with a team. Fighting alongside her squadmates, Linda and other Spartans have crushed platoons of enemy combatants. In Halo: Lone WolfLinda will have to rely on her own abilities to safe alive and fulfill her mission, but her skills and experience make this mission far from uneven. Her AI partner Athos is Linda’s only companion in her mission and watches over her progress. Their fresh partnership will be tested as Linda and Athos don’t see eye to eye so easily. Athos is programmed to see the best-calculated results, while Linda has the battle harden experiences to think differently.

Writer Anne Toole presents the deadeye Spartan infiltrate her way into a thrilling tale showcases the soldier’s combat abilities and explores a little of Linda’s past. The visuals are provided by Kieran McKeown, JL Straw and Dan Jackson, which highlight every sharp tooth snarl of the Covenant forces and the colorful plant life of an untamed alien planet. Halo fans looking for more Spartan adventures should check out Halo: Lone Wolf when it hits stores this month.

Halo: Lone Wolf #1 will be on sale January 2nd, 2019.

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