The Pull List – Aliens: Dust to Dust #4

Dragged out of a xenomorph infested river, Maxon finds himself with an injured companion to lead them to the last evac shuttle to safety. Making their way to a remote terraforming station, the evac shuttle is top a large tower that must be reached by a long ascending climb. With a single xenomorph with a connection to Maxon in pursuit, the survivors must hurry to escape the storm and the xenomorph threat if they want to make it out alive.

The frights and shocks continue for the survivors as they approach their escape point. Having dealt with a city-wide evacuation, a shuttle crash, gun fights all encountering the deadly xenomorph. For a young twelve-year-old boy, Maxon is thrust into a nightmare far beyond his innocent childhood dreams. Maxon discovers first hand the destructive force of the xenomorphs and the devastation of being caught in their path. In mere days, Maxon has lost his home, his mother and the few allies that have protected him as they tried to escape LV-871. With the evac shuttle waiting for him, Maxon will have to conquer his fears to leave this hellish planet behind.

Aliens: Dust to Dust shows how quickly and horribly the xenomorphs can tear apart civilian lives in a colony. Gabriel Hardman heightens the terror by having the environment be a hostile menace, blanketing the colony in sand and panic. No area is completely secure from the lurking xenomorphs or the hollow winds of the storm. Gabriel Hardman delivers a spine-tingling story that aims to be a truly terrifying alien encounter. Hardman plunges Maxon deep into chaos as every safe moment is interrupted and monstrous creatures chasing down their prey. No protocols or squad of soldiers were ready for the murderous invading horde and the only means of survival is to escape. Hardman artwork is amazing and captures the horrid appearance of the xenomorph cloaked in darkness. There is a deep sense of dread on every character face, landscape, and industrial structure that adds to the despair of the story. Aliens: Dust to Dust is an exciting tale in the Aliens series and should not be missed out.

Aliens: Dust to Dust #4 will be on sale January 9th, 2019.

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