The Pull List – Predator: Hunters II #4

With its hunting ground invaded by soldiers and scorched by missile fire, the Djinn Predator makes his way back to his hideout. But Jaya Soames’ Hunters team is one step ahead and plans to ambush the retrieving Predator. The villager boy Atal acting as their guide, the Hunters are able to quickly navigate to the Predator hideout and set a trap that will force the Predator to come to them. It’s an all-out assault to find out who is the deadliest in the desert.

The fourth and final issue to Predator: Hunters II draws the Hunters and the Predator to have a climax face-off that has been long overdue. While most members view this mission as a usual clean up task, Tyler Swain takes this as a personal vendetta he has to finish. Swain is a former soldier that survived a predator encounter in Afghanistan. Having been haunted by the incident that left him the sole survivor, Swain looks to find a form of redemption in the place that caused him great pain. This hunt is more than removing an alien threat, it’s Swain way of finding peace.

Writer Chris Warner challenges the Hunters to take on a powerful adversary that has been unopposed in its mountain hunting ground. The Hunters are all experienced warriors, but this fight placed them in harsh terrain and a Predator that isn’t afraid to get up close and personal. This action-packed story threw in squads of soldiers, helicopters and heavy artillery to finally corner this Predator. Artists Agustin Padilla and Neeraj Menon cover the epic finale in captivating visuals. The Predator has a ghostly appearance as it moves about in the heat of combat. Gunfire and explosions pop out of frame as the hunters and the predator battle, lighting up the dark skies in a fiery haze. Predator fans should no miss out on this action intense hunt when this story wraps up this month.

Predator: Hunters II #4 will be on sale January 9th, 2019.

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