The Pull List – The Wrong Earth #5

A bomb and a money pit could not slow down Dragonflyman and Dragonfly. With careful planning, Dragonflyman was prepared for an explosion, knowing that the evildoers would try to something sneaky. Saving Jordan, a victim of Number 1’s gang, he takes him back to Dragonfly lair. Meanwhile, in Earth-Alpha, the Dragonfly uses brute force to breaks free from his penny raining doom and is back on the hunt to find Number 1. Unaware that the Number 2 has dragged Number 1 to the Dragonflyman lair, where Stringer had broken the teleporting mirror. As the connection to the two worlds is fractured, both Dragonflyman and Dragonfly have to figure a way to return home.

In this explosive issue, Dragonflyman and Dragonfly use their quick thinking to escape from villainous traps. A hidden bomb in an abandoned building. A giant pig bank filling up with pennies. These might have been dangerous for the other Dragonfly person, but luckily they both found a way to overcome certain death with their own clever tricks. In keeping with the campy fashion of Earth-Alpha, Dragonflyman is overly prepared to handle almost any circumstance and has ensured he is protected from fiery traps. In the grimy realm of Earth-Omega, Dragonfly is equipped to cause maximum damage and has no problems making a combustible exit.

As the Dragonflyman and Dragonfly find themselves influencing the world around them, they each deal their predicaments in their own delightful matters. The rough and tough Dragonfly has a soft spot for his sidekick the Stringer, who was dead in Earth-Omega. Instead of having his moody appearance in front of Stringer, he has to be gentle and caring towards his ward. At the same time, Dragonflyman gave into the violent side of his nature, briefly falling to a darker version of himself. As the series heads to the fifth issue, the future of for Dragonflyman and Dragonfly is in fated into a shattered mirror that could possibly destroy them all.

The additional Dragonfly comic, Rage of the Dragonfly, part one: Hope at Dusk, Dragonfly takes on a super soldier known as Armageddon. In a fight with the machine gun-wielding villain, Dragonfly gets help from Christine Krakowski, who works outside the areas of the law with her own brand of justice. Looking to spend time together, they are unaware of the imminent danger of Doctor Dekay.

Included in the issue from Ahoy Comic: information about cloning by Matt Brady and Joe Orsak in My Own Clone Army, and a short story about the troubles of flying by Robert Jeschonek and Elliot Mattice in The Ups and Downs of Flying.

The Wrong Earth #5 will be on sale January 9th, 2019.

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