The Pull List – Alien 3 #3

As the U.P.P and Weyland-Yutani compete to research the xenomorphs, they both unknowingly plotted their own destruction.  The U.P.P has successfully cloned a xenomorph from a sampled collected from the android Bishop, before trading it back to Weyland-Yutani. The cloned xenomorph and the data collected by Bishop gives the U.P.P a deadly weapon, something they believe they can control. On the space station Anchorpoint, a group of Weyland-Yutani scientist begins to hatch their own copy of xenomorphs but an accident condemns the crew with a new horror waiting to attack.

The warning signs have been ignored and now the dangerous xenomorphs have a chance to hunt new victims. The U.P.P believe they will wind a new arms race by harnessing the xenomorphs for their own, without realizing the terrible consequences Weyland-Yutani has kept secret. Instead of finding an instrument that will elevate the U.P.P’s standing in space, it might completely destroy them. Back on the Anchorpoint, biolab technician Tully shows Welles a sample of the xenomorph developments when the diabolic creatures manage to break free. Unaware of the devastation that is about to unfold, the higher-ups at the station continue the research, pushing ahead to weaponize their alien project.

With the U.P.P and Weyland-Yutani each spelling their own disasters, Hicks, Newt, Ripley, and a few others are oblivious of the dangers that surround them. The desires to control the savage xenomorphs is blinding the forces in charge. As the xenomorphs threat reaches its a boiling point, the crews will recognize their mistakes and will have to fight to survive their murderous encounters in next month’s issue.

Alien 3 #3 will be on sale January 9th, 2019.

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