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The Pull List – Captain Ginger #4

Posted on January 14, 2019 by

Caught in a trap, Captain Ginger and Sergeant Mittens are surrounded by blinding lights blocking their path. Their trip to a desolate space station has taken a dangerous turn and must find a way to escape. Meanwhile, the Indomitable is undergoing a core meltdown, threating the lives of all onboard. With little time to spare, officer Ecrus performs a risky experiment to help her cat species survive, but at what consequence? Desperate times call for desperate measures and a forgotten helper returns to offer support for the future of the cats.

The science fiction gets a double dose of bizarre in issue 4 of Captain Ginger as new surprising twist awaits the crew. The story has been patiently citing past events that have changed cats from being the adorable house animals that after some major event became highly intelligent beings. But in a dramatic and shocking scene, one experiment will take the new steps for the development of cats further than before seen.

June Brigman delivers clever and genuinely odd visuals in this issue as Ecrus’s experiment births a creature that is cute and a bit of weird to see. Stuart Moore appreciation for Star Trek and other classic sci-fi themes are made abundantly clear as the story introduces more cosmic elements. Captain Ginger has been a fantastic wild ride of space exploration, cat drama, and galactic size imagination.

Captain Ginger #4 will be on sale January 16rh, 2019.

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