The Pull List – Livewire #2

Ambushed and captured, Amanda McKee is taken by an elite mercenary group and brought to a secret facility.  She is given a powerful drug to damper her powers and placed in a prison that monitors her activities. This mysterious group has taken many precautions to hold the most wanted criminal in America, and plan to ensure she cannot use her pisot abilities again. Meanwhile, Harbinger Foundation agent Pan de Santos gets assigned to assassinate Amanda and eagerly takes the job to hunt her down.

Amanda’s plan to reunite with the Secret Weapons has gone awry as the tension with Avichal Malaka has not been resolved and the interference with the mercenary group further puts them in danger. Awaking in a high tech facility, designed to restrict all of Amanda’s powers, she faces rage-filled soldiers and scientists that are looking to cash in on Amanda’s bounty.  Before she can worry about her team, she must figure out a way out of the prison without the use of her powers. Introduced in this issue is Pan de Santos, a pisot that works for the Harbinger Foundation and has no issues to get up close and personal to complete his job. His cold demeanor and his killer conscience makes him a big threat for Amanda. His powers and abilities are still a mystery, but he will be sure to unleash them once he gets once he finds her.

Livewire #2 will be on sale January 23rd, 2019.

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