The Pull List – Elvira: The Shape of Elvira #1

The “hostess with the mostess” is back and is about to star in her best role yet, but that is if she gets along with her costar. Elvira is approached to audition in a secret movie, one could launch Elvira’s career into stardom. Eager to get a role, she travels to the director, Billy Bullworth at his isolated mansion. But Elvira soon realizes this is no ordinary movie and she’s not the only star with some experience in frights.

Issue one covers Elvira’s lucky break to jump from tiny low budget flicks to a movie that might draw in prestige awards. The reclusive and eccentric Billy Bullworth invites Elvira to take part in his movie, but only after agreeing she can keep silent about the production. Bullworth’s has been waiting to create a romantic horror movie, and he wants everything to be perfect as possible. Before they can get production on the way, Elvira gets to meet her co-star that takes his method acting to a whole other level.

David Avallone returns to pen another hilarious misadventure for Elivra, leading her to make fun of the horror movie genre. Elivra is as funny as ever, acting like the fun gothic comedian fans have come to enjoy. Fran Strukan and Maxim Šimić provide great illustrations that extend the humor of the story while slowly building up the mysterious element that waits for Elvira to discover. Fact and fiction get blurred once Elvira prepares for her new actress gig, and readers will see if love can be found for even the most monstrous of creatures in next month’s issue.

Elvira: The Shape of Water #1 was released January 30th, 2019.

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