The Pull List – Red Sonja #1

Rulers and warriors all fear her. The oppressed and the exploited call out to her. And if you dare raise a sword against her, prepare to witness why she has earned the title of She-Devil. Red Sonja has traveled back to her homeland of Hyrkania, a place she has not visited for some time. Hyrkania had crafted her into the warrior she is, sharpen her body and mind to be a living weapon. Red Sonja returns home to reflect on her adventures. Her trip could not have happened at the worst moment, when a conqueror, Dragan The Magnificent, plans to take over the country. When Hyrkania faces its greatest threat, Red Sonja finds herself as its red-headed savior.

In this new volume, issue one of Red Sonja finds the warrior traveling alone on her journey to Hyrkania. After losing allies and companions, she seeks solitude in her homeland. The ruler of Zamora, Dragan is expanding his kingdom’s reach. Emperor Dragan is driven to conquer the world to fulfill a prophecy from a sorcerer. His captive lands fall under his tyrannical decree. When he chooses Hyrkania to be Zamora’s next target, the people of Hyrkania seek the aid of Red Sonja to handle the invading force.

Comic writer Mark Russell mixes action and some bits of comedy for an excellent entry in the Red Sonja series. This new series focuses on Red Sonja finding some form of redemption for her past troubles, but there’s no rule that the battle-hardened venturer can’t find some humor. Red Sonja finds formalities to be a little boring and doesn’t mind stirring up trouble, especially when Empire Dragan doesn’t expect it. Mirko Colak is no stranger to drawing up fantastic scenes of intense action. When Red Sonja starts her attacks, only the lucky ones get a quick death first. This introduction issue is funny and brutal, giving any action fan a fun reading experience. As Red Sonja gets reacquainted with Hyrkania, Empire Dragan prepares to fight anyone that defies his ambition, leading to the start of a power struggle in the next issue.

Red Sonja #1 will be released on February 6th, 2019.

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