The Pull List – Halo: Lone Wolf #2

After stopping a Covenant assault, Linda reveals herself to rogue ONI scientist, Dr. Chen, and his followers. Linda was close to one trigger pull to completing her mission, but choose to save the innocent lives on this planet. On the distant planet of Sephune III, Dr. Chen has discovered something worth staying on the planet for, endangering all the survivors against the Covenant forces. Now Linda has to deal with the invading Covenant troops while trying to contain Dr. Chen before his discovery falls into the wrong hands.

Issue two picks up right after the shoot out between Linda and the settlement survivors fighting a squad of Covenant soldiers. Linda has followed a pair of human scouts, Hala and Gomez, to Dr. Chen’s settlement, just in time to save them from an assault on the people. But the survivors don’t easily accept Linda’s presence, the group feels abandoned by the UNSC and have looked to Dr. Chen as their leader. Dr. Chen promises his group a way off this planet without the need of Linda or the UNSC. With no clean way to handle Dr. Chen, Linda decides on her next move, knowing that the Covenant will return with more soldiers soon.

Writer Anne Toole locks in the drama and action for this suspenseful series where the fate of humanity lies in the balance of a lone spartan. Linda faces attacks by the Covenant and uncovering Dr. Chen’s hidden project. Her mission object is to handle Dr. Chen before he poses a risk for the UNSC. She and her Al partner, Athos, keep butt-heads on how to handle the situation. Athos’s calculated logic argues for Linda that will lead to a closer shot at Dr. Chen, but Linda’s battle experience and fierce spirit conflicts with Athos reasoning. Knowing that Dr. Chen is surrounded by supports, Linda can’t simply eliminate Dr. Chen and convince the others to follow her back home. Dr. Chen’s secret can only stay quiet for so long on this isolated planet, and the truth gets revealed in next month’s issue.

Halo: Lone Wolf #2 will be on sale February 6th, 2019.

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