The Pull List – The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #5

While Reginald Hargreeves gave his children a place to grow and develop their powers, he kept many secrets from them. Learning the truths behind their powers and the connection to their purpose of the universe, all of the members have come to resent or blame their misfortunes on him. Even many years after his death, the Umbrella Academy is still shocked to discover more revelations of their father, even now when they learn about where Hargreeves had locked away their most powerful foes. Hotel Oblivion was a facility Hargreeves built to house the most dangerous criminals, and now the villains are ready to check out. The C.E.O of the Perseus Corporation open the doors for the inmates to escape, making their way back to earth for revenge. With the Umbrella Academy scattered, how will they manage to capture and send these criminals back?

Issue five starts with a flashback to a fight between the Umbrella Academy and John Perseus, the then C.E.O of the Perseus Corporation and supervillain. The Umbrella Academy captures John Perseus and Hargreeves sentences him to the hotel, as a way to peacefully rid the world of evil. But it seems that Hargreeves’ sense of justice only brew more trouble, and now all the evils that have been kept secluded found a way out. The new C.E.O of Perseus Corporation, the son of John Perseus, has successfully traveled to the Hotel Oblivion and set free all the guest. Meanwhile, in afterspace Spaceboy and the Kraken have after following clues from their father and discover a wormhole to will leap them through space. The Séance gets taken to the hospital from his drug overdose by a mysterious cloaked figure, possibly saving his life.

As the Umbrella Academy members become drawn to this situation, the team still remains divided. The Hotel Oblivion escapees are too much trouble for one member to go after. The safety of the world is at stake and the only people that could stop them is a united Umbrella Academy. It’ll be a fight or flight for the members as the series heads to issue six next month.

The Umbrella Academy: Hotel Oblivion #5 will be on sale February 6th, 2019.

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