The Pull List – The Girl in the Bay #1

In 1969. teenager Kathy Sartori was attacked by a crazed madman and thrown into Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay. Mysterious, she survived that night and dragged herself back to her home, but discovered that fifty years had passed since that incident and she has arrived in 2019. While she had was briefly trapped in the bay, the world had moved on and so did her family and friends, but with another Kathy Sartori. Now the seventeen-year-old Kathy has to discover the life that was taken of her and the other Kathy that has lived it. Her hunt for answers and the man responsible will lead her to down some surprising turns to understand her fateful night.

The Girl in the Bay introduces Kathy Sartori, a rebellious teenager that wanted to live a little on the wild side, away from her parent’s control. Kathy is an average teenager that was exploring the lifestyles of the 60s, unaware of the sinister evils lurking nearby. One night of partying changed all that when she meets a mysterious stranger. Falling for his charms, she lets her guard down and becomes a victim to his plans. When she is dumped into Sheepshead Bay, Kathy witnesses her life flash before her eyes, but something brought her back to life.

J.M DeMatteis pens a supernatural mystery, one that shows what happens to a life that gets split into two. The teenage Kathy was displaced from time, missing all of the changes since her time in high school. But there is a version of Kathy that lived through the time and is now an older woman. The Girl in the Bay looks to have many twists and turns as the unusual circumstance of Kathy’s death and resurrection should draw in any fan of mystery. The storytelling is enhanced by Corin Howell artwork that shows off strong expressive faces and gloomy shadows that envelope Kathy as she comes to grips with her world. What seems like just a moment sinking in the bay, had brought Kathy to 2019, where she was dropped into a world she no longer recognized. The next issue sees Kathy looking for clues to help find her family and piece together her missing past.

The Girl in the Bay #1 will be on sale February 6th, 2019.

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