The Pull List – Livewire #3

Amanda McKee heads to her hideout after escaping from a science facility. Tired and powerless, she takes a breather to collect herself. After being tortured and experimented, Amanda has a minute to figure out her next step. But Pan de Santos is ready to capture Amanda and makes an explosive entrance. Now the most wanted criminal must rely on her own combat abilities to defend herself. Pan isn’t looking for a fair fight and is willing to use any weapon or trick he has in his arsenal to get the job done.

Issue three leads Amanda right into the path of Pan de Santos, a Harbinger Foundation agent with a grudge. Their confrontation has been something Pan has been patiently waiting for a chance to take on Amanda. In the past, Amanda and Pan had trained under Toyo Harada. They were both top students that were dedicated to Harad’s teachings, but Amanda was the favored pupil. Pan felt betrayed and has sworn to take down Amanda, and his opportunity came when Amanda was declared a national threat. Hos revenge comes at the worst time for Amanda as her technological powers are rendered useless.

Vita Ayala brings Amanda McKee to a vulnerable point. A fugitive with no allies and powers, Amanda is out of her element. Ayala brings an incredible challenge for Amanda as all the traits that made Amanda a leader and powerful psiot are stripped away.  Raúl Allén, Patrica Martín and Scott Koblish cut straight to the action, wasting no time to show off how dangerous Pan can be. The artwork highlights Pan’s aggressive attitude, having him take pleasure in terrorizing Amanda in the fight. Livewire aims to explore more about Amanda past and the consequences she will have to face, with the addition of Pan de Santos looming over her. Toyo Harada influence still haunts Amanda and she will have to confront it in next month’s issue.

Livewire #3 will be on sale February 13th, 2019.

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