The Pull List – Vampirella: Valentine’s Day Special

Vampirella knows the best way to the heart, is with her bare hands ripping it out. See how Vampirella spends her Valentine’s Day in two stories in Vampirella: Valentine’s Day Special. In the first tale, when the Big Easy is celebrating Valentine’s Day with non-stop partying in the streets, supernatural predators wait to snatch up unsuspecting prey. Luckily, Vampirella is in town and on a hunt of her own to protect the innocent. She’s tracking down ghost and ghoulies and tearing them apart. But she’s not spending the night alone, another demon hunter Val Boudreaux joins her fight and the two team-up to clean up the town in Happy Valentin’s Day. In the second tale, three kids attend a movie screening of a horror flick, unaware of the real evils that lurk in the theater. As the three kids enjoy the gory movie, they are slowly being stalked by the undead. But when Vampirella crashes the movie, the true grisly action begins in Matinee.

Happy Valentin’s Day is written by Leah Willians, illustrated by Maria Sanapo, and colored by Ceci de la Cruz. This story combines action, horror, and bits of Cajun comedy for an exciting adventure about Vampirella taking on the creatures of the night. The setting of the French Quarter of New Orlean’s is great for its connection to the paranormal. With its folklore based on superstition, vengeful spirits, and demonic sightings, it’s a hotspot for ghostly activity. Vampirella and Val become fast allies, it’s awesome to see them take on a variety of monsters. Maria Sanapo fills out the story with vampires, ghost and a few werewolves, each of them looking to take on the pair of hunters.

Matinee is written and illustrated by Michael Golden. It’s a quick tale that focuses more on the unsuspecting witnesses of Vampirella. It’s a fun story, where fiction and non-fiction meet up in a dark movie theater. Golden’s black and white visuals add a vintage vibe to the story, playing with the imagination of the blood and guts in each panel. It’s a great short comic with lots that shows off Vampirella’s brutality and her comedy.

Vampirella: Valentine’s Day Special will be released on February 13th, 2019.

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