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The Pull List – Anthem #1

Posted on February 15, 2019 by

Long ago, godlike beings known as Shapers had set out to craft a perfect world. They had powerful tools and hardness the energy known as the Anthem of Creation. But the Shapers had disappeared, leaving their abandoning their work and leaving behind an incomplete world. Out of the ruins, life found a way to thrive. New species and civilizations rose. Landscapes were shifted, and mankind fought against monstrous beasts. Now humanity struggles to protect its place in a chaotic environment. The humans developed Javalins, powerful exosuits built with ancient Shaper technology. Javalins are used by Freelancers, acting as guardians against the many dangers surrounding the world. Dangerous creatures, barbaric tribes and an immense evil all wish to control the Anthem, and humanity’s only hope are the Freelancers.

Dark Horse teams up with Bioware and Electronic Arts to present a prequel series to the imaginative world of Anthem. Taking place years before the events of the video game, issue one follows Kismet, a young orphan boy, and Jani, his adoptive sister. After a transport is attacked, Kismet is the only sole survivor and is brought into Fort Tarsis. Living with Jani and her grandmother, the siblings grow up within the fortified settlement. But Kismet and Jani yearn for an adventure outside Fort Tarsis. The world left unfinished by the Shaper calls to Kismet and Jani, but are prepared to venture out?

At the core of the story, this mini-series is a coming of age tale of two children struggling to become stronger in a dangerous terrain. Kismet is a soft-spoken, frighten boy, learning to overcome his fears. Jani is a spunky, brash girl, looking to find more out of the mundane life in Fort Tarsis. Eduardo Francisco and Michael Atiyeh depict the early years of Kismet and Jani relationship in some great panels, giving the reader everything they need to know about the characters with little to no dialogue. The two are different but care for each other, sharing a strong sibling bond.

The world of Anthem is filled with intergalactic creatures, futuristic technology, and survivors overcoming grand challenges. Alexander Freed and Mac Walters ease the readers into the sci-fi elements of the story, focusing more on the human drama in the first chapter. Anthem #1 is a preview to the grand story behind the video game, introducing a small number of key characters and locations. This mini-series is perfect for the gamers looking to learn more about the lore before they try out the game.

Anthem #1 will be on sale on February 20th, 2019.

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