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The Pull List – Astro Hustle #1

Posted on March 4, 2019 by

See the future as it would have been imagined from the 70s in Astro Hustle. Chen Andalou is a rebellious outlaw that has been causing trouble around the universe until he was forced into cryo-stasis. After sixty years Chen has awakened, finding the galaxy is chaotic as ever and is riped to be plundered. But his freedom is short-lived. He is captured and faces of a long list of crimes. Now Chen’s chance to escapes lies with a rowdy pirate crew seeking their missing captain.

Issue one of this groovy, sci-fi story begins just right as Chen Andalou is discovered after so many years adrift in space. His father was a political figure that stirred up trouble. Chen finds himself trapped in an authoritarian system that is eliminating any resistance. Luckily, Chen meets Carbon John in a jail cell, and the two quickly escape by a space pirate ship. Aboard the Pixie Ghost, Chen meets Svetlana Freya and a diverse alien crew. But Chen is not out of trouble yet. His jailbreak has his nemesis Captain Igor Roberts hot on his trail.

Astro Hustle is a whimsical story that follows a pirate’s adventure, filtered through a vintage lens. The character designs and settings pay homage to classic sci-fi themes from the 70s and pirate history. The space police outfits are based on the British Royal Marines, fitted with bulky gear. The Space Pirates are dressed like scallywags and their flintlock pistols shoot lasers.

Jai Nitz, Tom Reilly, Ursula Decay and Chris Crank deliver an electrifying sci-fi adventure that any pirate fan should love. The story is fast paced, setting up Chen towards the dangerous pirate life. Chen Andalou is sarcastic and bold, often getting in trouble for running his mouth. Tom Reilly and Ursula Decay artwork is exciting to see, definitely capturing the nostalgic look of retro sci-fi visuals. This is an easy recommendation to readers that enjoy campily, dark humor space operas.

Astro Hustle #1 will be released on March 6th, 2019.

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