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The Pull List – The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #1

Posted on March 11, 2019 by

Toyo Harada is the most powerful psiot to walk the Earth. In order to save the world from self-destructing from clashing ideologies, Harada began a quest to bring peace to the world. Over time, the resistance to Harada’s vision begun to escalate. What begun as a noble purpose, turned the man into a merciless conquer. In the wake of his public image tarnish and the destruction of his powerful empire, Toyo Harada attempts a final push for power to make his vision a reality.

Issue one quickly recaps part of Harada’s past and his current situation against the anti-Harada forces. Harada was raised in Japan during WWII and witness humanity tear itself apart. At an early age, Harada tapped into his psiot abilities as a child. He found out that in order to have people follow him, he might need to show a demonstration of power. At the modern time, Harada is trying to gather alien technology that has been orbiting around the earth. Claiming interstellar technology would unlock knowledge that is beyond human understanding. Harada could leverage the alien technology to regain his status as the most powerful again. If people would not follow him for his powers, then people would most certainly follow him to obtain their own power.

As enemy forces attempt to sabotage Harada’s plans to reach space, he is defended by a mixed group of Harada’s loyal Harbinger agents and the members of Spec Ops, a non-psionic powered group. Some members have been trained by Harada’s foundation, some have left rival factions and some have come for the money. For Harada, any soldier that will stand with him is all that matters.

Joshua Dysart sets the stage for an exciting story about Toyo Harada ambition and the fall out from his choices. The once respected Harada is now exposed to the world as a savior and a madman. Project Rising Spirit and others are looking to topple Harada at his weakest moment, but he would not give them that chance without a fight. CAFU and Mico Suayan have some stunning artwork. Both artists capture the drama and intensity of the story, with incredible details in each panel.

Valiant readers that have been following with the series can finally witness how one of the most villainous characters will stand against his greatest challenge yet. No longer hiding behind his money or his foundation, Harada leads the charge to take back control. There will more people waiting to help Harada achieve his goal, or bring him to his knees. The war for Harada’s future continues in the next issue.

The Life and Death of Toyo Harada #1 will be on sale on March 13, 2019.
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