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The Pull List – Incursion #2

Posted on March 22, 2019 by

Imperatrix Virago has begun to weaken Tama to prepare the Earth to be harvested. Tama is the living embodiment of the Earth lifeforce and if she becomes corrupted, Virago can absorb all living essence on the planet. Gilad rushes to the one person that he knows is verse with the spiritual, Dr. Mirage. Pleading for help, Gilad wishes to travel to Virago’s location to reverse the effects on Tama. However, Virago is located through a Deadside portal, the realm that is beyond the living and the dead. Dr. Mirage and her ghostly husband Hwen open a portal to the Deadside, warning Gilad the many dangers are inside and the time limited he has in there.

Issue two brings the Gilad to the steps of paranormal investigator Dr. Mirage. Aware of the doctor’s connection to the dead, he asks for her help. Tama is slowly losing her dying from an infection left by Virago servant Syntilla. Gilad tries to track down Virago and Syntilla, which means entering the Deadside. Trapped souls and tormenting monsters inhabit the Deadside, eager to capture and keep any living thing that passes by. With no other choice, Gilad enters the portal and is created by demons already trying to calm in as a trophy. But his troubles have just begun and he must venture to Virago’s stronghold, hoping to find a way to help Tama in time.

Gilad and Tama have grown close as Gilad watched over the young Geomancer, but this has been Gilad’s sworn duty. He has seen many Geomancers come and died, each leaving some weight in Gilad’s conscience. As Gilad ventures into the Deadside and makes his way to Virago, Gilad fights hard to save his Geomancer and will take on any creature that stands in his way. Virago grows hungry and is eager to begin her invasion on Earth in next month’s issue.

Incursion #2 was released on March 20th, 2019.

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